All about us.

Lil' Red Rocket was created by Yours Truly (Shell) way back in October 2009. Yikes doesn't time fly when your having fun.
I am a compulsive crafter but mostly Scrapbooker and one day I was looking for something fresh and unique to spice up my layouts. Buttons have always been a go to embellishment for me but I was looking for some thing just a little bit different.
Thats when it hit me. Fabric buttons have such unique and interesting patterns and colours and add great dimension. No one was making them specifically for scrapbooking and so Lil Red Rocket was born.
Choosing a name wasn't difficult as my almost 3 year old son had not long received his very first bike for a gift from his grand parents.
It was red and in his words it goes 'FAST FAST!' so it was nick named the Little Red Rocket.

This seemed like the perfect name for my shop.
We started out as a successful Etsy store doing mostly custom orders until recently when I decided to change things up a bit.
Still the same unique quality products that people have come to expect from us, just sold primarily from our bright and funky blog!
We are the original and the best and even though our competitors regularly copy our designs our originality and fine craftsmanship always set us out above the rest!
Im a one woman show and make all my products personally its a lot of work but, its a labour of love. 
My favourite thing about Lil Red Rocket is to see people enjoying our products and creating beautiful layouts and cards as keep sakes for their own treasured families. This and the fabulous compliments we receive makes all the hard work worth while.
So now you know us a little better. Thanks for taking the time to find out.
I hope our products help you reach for the stars and create some thing out of this world.

My family sincerly thanks you for your support. xx.