30 October 2010

opening hours and some facts.

Hello every one. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that the shop is open but, if you'd like to make a purchase you will need to be quick. I will be closing the doors later next week and I may not reopen til the new year.
We are in the process of moving house and I cant guarantee when Ill be back on line and with Christmas just around the corner I think its time to take a little break.
The good news is that it also allows me some time to find some more yummy fabrics for buttons and to come up with some new bottle top designs.
While we are on the subject of when the shop is or isn't open I thought Id let you know about my plans for next year.
In 2011 the shop will only be open for 2 weeks each month. I have alot of new and exciting scrapbooking commitments and unfortunately as much as I love Lil' Red Rocket it does at times, have a habit of getting in the way of some 'Me' time.
So as of January the shop will open from the 7th through til the 21st of each month and the rest of the time it will be closed.
Of course I will still answer any emails or convos while the shop is shut so if you have an enquiry please feel free to drop me a line any time you like.

Now on the button front or back should I say.
I have been investigating changing over to flat back buttons ( I use shank backs and remove the shanks) and I have come to the conclusion that shank backs with the shank removed is still the best option for the following reasons.

I remove the shanks by hand and then add foam adhesive dots to the back because................

a) fabric is NOT acid free and if it comes in contact with your photo over time it will damage the surface of the photo.
The foam dots I use are made specifically for scrapbooking so, they are acid free and will raise the button just high enough so that the fabric will not come in contact with your page.
b) I am a perfectionist and will NEVER send you a button unless the image on the fabric is perfectly centered. I pride myself in the over all finish of my buttons and I want you to be excited when you unwrap your package, not disappointed.
Using shank backed buttons gives me the option of removing the back and remaking the button if it isn't perfect. Unfortunately with flat backed buttons there is no way of doing this and as the button components are expensive I cant afford to throw away inferior products.
c) Using shank back buttons means that if you are looking for a button for your sewing needs I can easily leave the shank of for you. Just need to leave me a message in 'notes to seller' at check out.
They also make beautiful hair elastics when threaded onto a snag free elastic and so If you ever have a custom order and just want 2 of this and 2 of that please let me know because I am happy to help where possible.
So YES shank backed buttons are more work than flat backed buttons but I think it is still the best option.

OK thats it for my facts and I will be back next week to announce the winner and runners up for the sketch comp and boy, do you ladies makes it difficult to choose a winner!
The entries are all so beautiful and we are so happy and grateful that you took the time to join in.
Ive decided to extend the closing date until midnight est 31 October so that means 30th US time because a few people weren't able to get their pages up loaded in time and of course we don't want to miss any of your gorgeous entries.
If for some reason you have trouble uploading to the link it please send me an email and Im happy to do it for you.
you will find the sketch challenge post HERE.
So good luck every one and We will be back with the winners when all the DT has had a chance to vote. TFL
Shell x


  1. Hiya, had my layout finished yesterday but thought the deadline to post it was midnight EST tonight so just blogged about it now as have been out all day. Hope you enjoy my take as much as I enjoyed creating it - thanks! http://helentilbury.blogspot.com/2010/10/back-in-daylil-red-rocketcolour-combos.html

  2. thanks for the infon on the buttons.... i totally agree with you, and i love the design of your buttons.... if gives us more options of using the buttons for things other than scrapping ie hair ties........ great idea, now if only i had some girls amongst my 6 boys lol