23 June 2011

hi Its Leanne..

hi everyone.. how have you been..??

well i have a couple today...
first up a layout ..

no birthday layout is complete unless it has a cup cake BUTTON... woohoo..
and then one of my kidlets teachers are leaving so i created a card for her.
"thank You"

used one of the huge flower and butterfly buttons for the centre of my flower.. yay...

oh oh .. i have also heard a little rumour that Shell has settled in now and the LRR production line is getting ready to get goin again.. so YAY the buttons will be back soonish.. well thats what a little bird told me..but you know.. it has been cold and the little birdy might just be trying to warm me up by getting excited over the Buttons...lol..

so anyho. i hope you enjoy these..and thanks for looking.

SUgar BAby



  1. A totally gorgeous page :-) it's my fav :-) and such a sweet card :-)

  2. totally love all the purple in thi s one Leanne