13 July 2011

Thanks for your patience

Hi there rocketeers. I just wanted to pop by and say a quick Hello and thanks to all our wonderful fans for being so patient with me.
I should just start by quickly explaining why there haven't been any sales for a while........... Unfortunately due to personal circumstances (which I wont bore you with now) our little family had to pack up and move interstate. It was all very sudden and unexpected. At this present time we are staying with family and its been too difficult to host a sale until we get back into our own house and back into our own routine.
I have new products which the awesome DT girls will be receiving really soon so you will be seeing a preview of whats on offer for the next sale and we will be hosting a sketch challenge that you can all play along with too and Ill let you know more about that later.
So this is just a little post to say I'm sorry and that I do really appreciate your continued support.
I also wanted to give the DT girls a big Thank you and  cyber hug for being SO AMAZING!!!! You girls are the best!
Thanks again. Shell x


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post, even under difficult circumstances, but don't worry - WE LOVE LIL' RED ROCKET and will still be here when you are back on your feet again. Just take care in the meantime xx

  2. Lil' Red Rocket is the best ;-) :-) :-) take care Shell xxx