29 October 2011

Guess whats making a come back?

Yep that's right....BOTTLE TOPS!!!!
Ive had alot of requests for bottle tops since we stopped making them and so Ive decided to bring them back.
We will have all the old favourites including Mr Men and Little Miss designs and a few new ones you wont have seen yet.
These will be stocked as a regular item in the online shop and you will also be able to buy exclusive sets here from our blog sales. YAY!!!!
If you have any suggestions on what type of images you would like to see on bottle tops we would love to hear them.

I cant wait for you all to find your LRR parcels soon in your letter boxes and I'm equally excited to see how you use them.
Just before I go, unfortunately I have a few outstanding invoices that I am chasing up. All these people have been contacted but in case you have missed your emails, unless prior arrangements have been made I will unfortunately have to cancel your orders and re list your stock in the store if payment has not been made by 5.30 Monday afternoon.
Payment is due 48 hours after you receive your conformation email (as stated on the blog) unless you email me and make other arrangements.
I have extended it a week this time so I hope you understand.
I will send another email to notify if your order is canceled. Sorry I really hate to cancel orders.
Thanks everyone.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the bottle tops!! I'll definately be ordering some of those babies. Love 'em. :-)