15 June 2010

More sneaks................

Well the shops still shut. Im waiting on more components.
Ill be back again to let you know when we are open again but today I just wanted to share with you some of the new buttons that will be making their grand debut in the shop soon.
There are 2 retro print buttons make from genuine 1930 reproductions fabrics and 2 sets of shabby chic buttons (there is only one displayed here) and of course my new favs the Lil Cutie buttons only they aren't really so little. They measure 1 1/2 inches and will be sold in pairs of boys or pairs of girls.
There are lots of designs available but here's just a sneaky for you.
I will have 2 more styles of pattern buttons and more Vintage Scraps soon.
The felt embellishments aren't ready so they will have to wait for next months update.
OK I think that's all for now. TFL.


  1. wow, these are all cute, love them all michelle

  2. i DEFINATELY NEED some of all of them..

  3. Thay are SO cute! LOve them!!

  4. I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These images are wonderful Loving the bottle caps too!

    Love Dawn xx