23 September 2010


Well I do. Especially these cute new additions to The Lil' Red Rocket range.
What'd ya think?
Sorry for the bad photography its very over cast today so Ill work on getting some better pics when the weather fines up.
Oh yeah, shops open. YAY!
These guys will be making their way to the shop listings very soon but I am getting low on bottle tops thanks to some FABULOUS custom orders so you will need to be quick if you want to get your hands on some Lil' Red Rocket bottle tops before I run out of components again.
Ill be back to let you know when they are listed and to tell you about some of the fantastic things we have happening here in October to celebrate our very first birthday. YAAAAAYY! TFL.
Shell x


  1. Love these!!!
    Can't wait to see what's happening next month!!! Happy birthday to LRR!! :-)

  2. yummm.. i love them all.. and cant wait for next month..ooohhhh.. so yumm .. did i say those caps were yumm.. even though i dont do the whole halloween thing i might just have to get some of them..they suit ivy..LOL.. the stripy socks that is..lol..

  3. Oh I want them all LOL, they all look fab Shell!

  4. lovin those vehicle ones, too cute

  5. OOOOO how fabulous...I can't decide which is my fav though

  6. Oh these are SO GOOD!!!! Think I'm in love with the top ones! B-)