03 September 2010

Inspiration from Kim and some myths and facts cleared up.

Here's another Gorgeous LO by KIM.
Kim has used a 1 1/2 inch street sign button and a medium red gingham button which comes in a set of 2 with the red apple buttons.
Thanks for sharing with us Kim it is AWESOME as always.
Under the street sign you may also notice a small paper doily. These little doilies are so sweet and measure just 9cm. Doilies this small are rare and incredibly hard to find, thats why I bought 750 of them LOL.
I love these little doilies not just because of their cute size but because they have a star pattern so they are perfect for boy or girl LOs.
So for the next little while you will be receiving a few of these along with some other cool stuff in your Thank You goody bags, which I include for any orders over $5.00 before postage.

OK on to the Myths and Facts. Some of you may find this part of the post a little boring but for others it may clear some unanswered questions up.
I get asked questions about Etsy and Pay pal alot so I thought Id take some time to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Q1. How do I purchase things on Etsy without Paypal.
A. Well unfortunately you cant, unless you contact the seller directly and ask if they accept direct deposit into their bank account.

Q2.Do I need a credit card to use Paypal
A. Well the good news is NO. You can set up Paypal to debit straight from your bank account. YAY! and the seller will never know your personal account details as the transaction is handled by Paypal.

Q3. Does it cost me anything to use Paypal.
A. More good news NO. The fees are charged to the seller.

Q4.Why is Etsy all in US dollars.
A. Well its not anymore you can now shop in AU dollars which takes all the guess work out of it.

I hope that has cleared up some of the questions that you may have about Etsy and Paypal and I hope it encourages you to have a go at Esty shopping because there is sooooo much yummy shopping to be found there so to end here's a few of my favourite sellers.
but thats just a small selection of the awesome shops on Etsy where you can get the best stuff for your scrapbooking so if you get a chance, why not check them out but be warned Etsy shopping is seriously addictive. TFL.
Shell x


  1. love that layout from kim, i love her work, and i sooooo cant wait to get my street sign buttons,

    thanks for the facts about etsy and paypal, unfortunately i dont have paypal, but lucky for me my favourite sellers(you know you are 1 of them shell) are perfectly happy to accept direct deposit from me.......thanks for the great shop shell, and i love those little doilies

  2. Oh this LO is awesome Kim!!!! Love how the street sign button is used and I ADORE the doily - I would have bought 750 of them too!! LOL. thanks for the etsy/pay pal facts, fantastic that there are AUS dollars now!!!

    PS. I have a LO in the latest SBM mag with a LILREDROCKET button on it!!!!! Been meaning to tell you :-)

  3. Are you enabling us Shell!!!!!! WAY TO GO if you are!!!

  4. oh SIGH... SIGH.. street signs....

  5. Oh these street sign buttons are for sure the coolest - I can't wait to put mine on a LO - great inspiration from Kim.
    Thanks for the mention on your favourites list - lots of special shops on there.