19 April 2011

Just checking in to say.........

Im busy packing and posting orders again today. Id like to try and get as many as possible LRR parcels to their new owners before Easter.

To quote Maria from the Sound Of Music
 "brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things"
I always wrapped my Esty customers parcels up like this so I thought it was good enough for my blog customers too.
I personally love to receive a special pretty looking little parcel in the post. To me, it makes it feel like my birthday so, this is what you might find in your letter box soon if you made a purchase.
Once again a HUGE thanks to all my lovely customers and the fabulous DT girls. You guys ROCKet!!!
Now just before I go I came across THIS post today and a wonderful new pledge for all you handcrafters.
This is something which I am very passionate about. I always try to keep my products fresh and original and copying some one else's designs goes against every thing I believe in. If you too feel strongly about
'keeping it real' please pop on over the the CONTEMPORARY HANDMADE ALLIANCE and join the pledge and grab a button for your blog. Lets make the handcrafting community fair for every one, embrace our own originality and support each other!
Tfl. Shell x


  1. You're having a sale? Oh, I'm there!!! x

  2. Too late! Ah, well, next time, Shell. x

  3. I AGREE Shell!!! xoxo Charmane

  4. Hi Shell.. I was scrapping at Kim Jeffress on the weekend and I have been wanting to get my hands on some of your gorgeous stash.. but she told me you only take orders each couple of weeks.. Is this right.. if so can you please email me when your next one is so I can make a purchase please... pretty please.
    Moonie x

  5. hehehe Lisa you are a classic, I will fill ya in when Shell is havin her next sale, actutally you live quite close to Shell,

  6. Great Post....!! :) I also missed your last sale.. totally forgot till it was too late and all sold out...:( so trying to keep an eye out for the next one.....
    Love how you used the "brown paperpackages" line... can hear that sond in my head now...lol
    Lou xx

  7. Thank you for signing the {CHA} Pledge and for mention my website. Christine from the Contemporary Handmade Alliance.