19 May 2011

hi its Leanne...

hello everyone.. its just Leanne.. visiting to share a couple of Lil Red Rocket layouts...
first up i have a sunny beachy one...
"Lil Miss Beach Ivy"

scrapbooking,May 2011,lrr

closie of the button.. i mean seriously what says summer and beach more than a great big yummy iceblock.... oh and see the red string..its what my parcel of LRR was tied up with..woohoo.

and then a boy one..
"you and Me"

scrapbooking,May 2011,scrapmatts,Lil Red Rocket

i used the lil vintage boy button in the middle of a chippy flower.. so versitile these buttons are..

woohooo. thanks for visiting... lots of sugar to everyone....


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Love the summery beachy one of Ivy and the one of your little man and you is so so sweet :-) perfect buttons for these pages and LOVE how you used the string!! I always use mine too :-)

  2. Beautiful shot and the layout totally compliments it! Great work :)

  3. absolutely beautiful and stunning!