09 February 2010

New designs

Well I don't know about you but I love Robots. Must be the nerd in me showing through. LOL.
When I saw this fabric I knew I just had to have it to make some cute robot buttons for the shop.
So here they are 'Rockin Robots'.
There are 2 colour packs, a red and a blue. They are not listed in the shop yet. I just wanted to give you the sneaky first.
They will be limited because unfortunately as with all import fabric its expensive for me to purchase and there is a lot of wastage with this one as the images are few and far between, how ever the price will remain the same as all my other button packs.
I hope to have them listed in the shop by tomorrow lunch time.
If you have a sweet tooth stay tuned I have more cute, new buttons to share with you soon