19 February 2010

Sharing some Etsy lovin'

Well I'm all caught up on orders and they are now packed and posted, so if you are waiting on one, its on its way to you. I hope you have fun playing with your new buttons.
Thanks Ladies.
Yep, still watching the post box. Ill let you know when the shop is back from vacation.

Now onto some Etsy stalking..........ahhh I mean lovin'.
Its a cold morning here in not so sunny Brisbane (brrrrr) and Im sure to do way too much Etsy window shopping today so just in case your up for a little of the same I thought Id share some more Etsy love with you so here goes.

SWEETVINTAGE78 The lovely and talented Jodie makes the most beautiful embellishments. If you haven't seen Jodies shop pop on over and check her out. But be quick, last time she sold out in a matter of a week and be careful her creations are hard to resist so I hope its pay week for you.
Jodies customer service is always impeccable. I can highly recommend Sweetvintage. You wont be disappointed.

OK here are two other shops that I have been drooling over recently. Get ready to wipe the slobber from your keyboard.

LILLALOTTA has the most gorgeous printed cotton tape. YUM gotta get me some. They are to die for. You have got to pay her a visit.

PRETTYLITTLESTUDIO. Now if you are going to pay Prettylittlestudio a visit please don't buy every thing, cause I want some too. I am IN LOVE with those retro vintage flash cards.
So many awesome things so little money 'SIGH'.
But guess what YOU get 10% off. See post above.

OK that's about all I have to share with you today. If you've got the time I strongly suggest you check out these 3 fabulous stores. But leave some for me OK. TFL

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