25 May 2010

More new additions.

Im back. LOL. Just thought Id pop by and share what Ive been loading in the shop today and last night.
Sunshine Roses and Vintage Milk and Juice Tops.
These new roses are my favourite fabric flower so far. I am really happy with the way these turned out.
I am in luuuurve with these Vintage milk Tops too. They are so lovely and come in a huge range of sizes and designs and they are made of the strongest card board almost like a chip board.
How awesome would these look framed in a set along with my vintage soft drink labels.
I hope you'll find the time to stop by the SHOP and check them out.
Lots more new things coming soon and I cant wait to share them with you. TFL.


  1. Gasp!!! Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow wow wow wow HOW cool are those milk rounds...and even me the queen of boy would use those gorgeous flowers...stunning Shell

  3. omg wow, drool, drool............i need those sunshine roses, will definitely order a few of those

  4. yay...
    wow what excellent products.. the milk tops are amazing and so are your flowers..yay.

  5. Love the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!