20 May 2010

New bottle tops.

Just popping by to show you the 2 new sets of bottle top that Ive just finished uploading in the shop.
They feature pretty vintage images of butterflies.
Bottle tops look fantastic on cards scrap book pages or mixed media projects, especially when placed amongst a cluster of pretty flowers.
They also look great framed in a shadow box frame or made into a pendant.
There are 2 ways to turn bottle tops into pendants.
1. adhere a bail to the back with a strong glue or jewellery adhesive
2. take a nail and hammer punch a hole in the the outer rim then take a file or rasp and file the back of the hole flat to remove any sharp bits.
Bottle tops can even be glued to a ring to wear on your finger but please remember not to wash the dishes or shower whilst wearing it as they are not water resistant.


  1. wow shell, love these bottle caps, there will definitely be a couple in my next order i do with you

  2. They look great.

  3. these ones are spectacular..yay