16 July 2010

more sneaks and re open date.

Here's another sneak. The new Mini Yo Yo flowers. These are just so sweet and I cant wait to make some more in different colour ranges so stay tuned.
OK on to the shop and the date for the reopen.
Good and bad news.
My lovely husband has had some last minute holiday leave approved and so Ive decided to delay the opening till the 26th July as I hoping we may get a chance for a little well deserved family get away and this also gives me more time to make and design more stock that looked like they weren't going to be ready in time for the opening.
Ill still be available by email for any inquiries and Im sorry for any inconvenience.


  1. aw, these are lovely!! Hope you have a fantastic holiday :-)

  2. omg i definitely wanna get some of these.... have a great time away, very well deserved, and cant wait til reopening date

  3. these are gorgeous Shell.. hope you have a super break... {ps.. did i email you the toes one with the big button.. if i didnt can you let me know and i will do it for you}..

  4. They are beautiful!! Have a nice break - always good to have one with the family creates such lasting memories :-)

  5. These flowers are so cute.Wish I could crochet!!! Enjoy the break...we all need one after this winter.

  6. this is the first visit here....i love your stuff!!! so you'd better open the shop soon so I can buy some stuff LOL love it, I gonna follow toooooo xx