05 July 2010

Time for another sneak.....

More sneaks for you today. Just some felt embellishments that have been in the pipe line for a while now. I had hoped to get them in the shop before the last shop update in early June but my supplies were running a little late and so now these lil' babies will be included in the shop update this month.
Being a Mum of boys I understand how hard it can be to find nice embellishments suitable for 'Boy' LOs and I imagine that as they get older this must become even more difficult.
So I have designed these comic book felts with the older boy in mind, although they would still be great on any boy or girl page.
Each felt round is die cut so they are perfectly round and each paper round is cut from vintage comic books.
Felt comic rounds measure 1 1/2 inches so they are a perfect size for a fun card as well.
In the coming days Ill have more felt round embellishments to share, girl and boy designs.
There are more,new fabric flower sets, button designs and a few more secrets yet to be revealed so stay tuned. TFL.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE them Shell!!!!! Perfect for boy pages :-) ooooooo can't wait to hear your secrets :-) :-)

  2. wow, love them....i have 6 boys and no girls, so i know all too well how hard boy embellies can be.............have emailed you michelle, thanks heaps

  3. agree these look great.... fantastic... love the lacey roundy thingy.. sorry for the use of such techincal terms..lol..

    b4 i go your word verification was whatfi.. does that say something or what.. does that mean it knows i'm alittle strange..lol