28 July 2010

Whats been happening?

Yep, things have been pretty busy here at LRR. Im almost out of buttons again so Im going to have to shut up shop again for a while soon.
I made 200 buttons in one night but the sore fingers are all worth it when I see them all packaged up ready to go to their new homes.
Above you will see a small sample of the labour of love that is Lil' Red Rocket.
3 of my fabrics arrived today and can I just say, Im IN LOVE! I couldn't help but let out a little squeal of delight when I opened the package. They are going to make some really adorable buttons.
Ive also been shopping up a storm again with another 3 GORGEOUS fabrics just purchased today.
That means that so far we will have a total of 11 new button designs for our next shop up date provided that the 2 fabrics on back order arrive on time. YAY!!!
See how much I love you guys. LOL.
In other news you will now receive your Lil' Red Rocket purchases in the new and improved packaging and it will still arrive to you all wrapped up like a cute little present as always.
You will also find a little gift with purchase included for all orders over $5.00 so if you have placed an order with me since the last shop update , keep an eye out for that.
More exciting things are happening in September and we are going to have some celebrations, challenges and prizes for our first birthday in October.
So stay tuned.


  1. love the new look blog, gorgeous, love the look of the new and improved packaging, and love how it all comes looking like a present..... cant wait to see what the new designs for the buttons are

  2. I. Am. SOOOOOOOOOO. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!